Why Us 

Plastic, paper, PP non-woven bags are used all over the world for a reason. They are priced economically, are reusable, and are environment friendly. They come in all kinds of colour swatches and can be tailored very specifically to suit your commercial needs. Thus, they are the best choice for you to promote your corporation efficiently and in an elegant fashion. The bags look very sophisticated and give a sense of class to your customers when they look at it and makes them understand that your brand is superior. Because good design and feel are always a deciding factor for good advertisement.

If that is exactly what you need, we have just the things for you. 

Paper bags: These are the best looking bags and if aesthetics is what you are looking for, this should be your choice. They look premium, elegant and will definitely make your brand stand out from the rest. And they are made of paper so they are very nature friendly and because they look good your customers will definitely take advantage of its reusability, thus offering you good advertisement. They come in almost all sorts of colour swatches to tailor to your needs. The paper used to manufacture these can also be customised to fit your requirements, along with the type of handle used – for example, paper handles or plastic handles. The bags come in both matte and gloss finish and you can choose whichever one you think goes best with your brand. While putting your brand logo on the bags, we also provide different effects such as UV Spot, Hot Stamping and Blind Emboss, all of which give very different feels to the resultant bag. 

Plastic Bags: These are the most common of the lot because of their affordability. The term plastic can be a little misleading here, because with the superior technology that we use to manufacture our plastic bags, they are environment friendly. Yes, our plastic bags are environment friendly as well! We use Oxo biodegradable additive, more commonly known as OXIUM, and as a result of which these bags are able to degrade in 3-5 years which is a very impressive time period. You can customise your plastic bags to suit your brand by choosing the material we use, the thickness of the material, the colour swatches we use (to a maximum of six colours on both the sides). With this impressive customisation and with this economic price, this is a very popular choice among our customers who wish to impress their customers with impressive design.

PP Non-woven Bags: This is another great choice that you should go for if you want the “eco” look to really shine through. They also come in all kinds of colour swatches and various sizes to suit your requirements, but if you want customization to a greater degree, you should choose from the Paper or Plastic options because customisation in this type of bags is limited when compared to the other two choices. Nevertheless, these bags look very good and are durable as well. With its economic pricing, this is a very popular choice and makes advertising cheaper and convenient.

Regardless of which type of bags you choose, we are here to provide you with the best services and at the best prices. We can guarantee satisfaction and assure you that these bags will be a very efficient marketing tool and play a pivotal role in your advertising because of its clean, classy, and customer friendly designs. 

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